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Reaching our national and international goals to reduce food waste by 2030 is going to require accelerated action and decisive investments in our food system. ReFED's financial and industry data show that not enough funding is supporting the solutions we need, and in particular, the sector needs catalytic funding — capital that is patient, risk-tolerant, and flexible, in order to unlock outsized impact. ReFED is responding to this need with a first-of-its-kind initiative to support funders looking to drive action.

ReFED’s Experience Base: COVID-19 Grant Fund

ReFED has successfully responded to critical funding needs in the food system before by managing and deploying funding where it could have the most impact. In response to the most immediate challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic on the food system and food insecurity, ReFED launched its COVID-19 Food Waste Solutions Fund in May 2020 to quickly deliver more than $3.5 million in vital philanthropic funding to for-profit and nonprofit organizations across the U.S. to rapidly scale food waste reduction and hunger relief efforts. Learn more about our impact.

Our Current Investors

We’re deeply grateful to the Catalytic Grant Fund’s anchor funders, and Google, as well as all the donors who share our vision for a more sustainable, resilient, and inclusive food system that makes the best use of the food we grow.

Learn more about how you can be a part of this initiative by contacting Caroline Vance, ReFED’s Director of Capital, Innovation & Engagement at [email protected].

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